Catch Me If You Can Kneezies
Catch Me If You Can Kneezies

Catch Me If You Can Kneezies

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Babies learn to crawl before they can walk. While we think to wear shoes when we walk, have you ever considered the challenge of crawling on knees? Babies who are crawling may need some protective padding guarding their knees against carpet burn or other rough surfaces.

With Dalmatian Print and a fun "Catch Me If You Can!" expression, these are perfect for the baby on the move!  These are the perfect accessory for any growing baby as  young ones can fall and still maintain their confidence and will to keep learning.

The Catch Me If You Can Kneezies can be bundled with the Little Man Cave Hanging Sign and the My First Tuxedo Bib to create a fun boys gift!


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Exquisite vase. I am so happy with it. The owner was so helpful and guided me to help me get exactly what I wanted. I would not hesitate to buy from her again. It arrived in 3 days.

Etsy Shopper Bev D.

5 out of 5 stars    

All I can say is AMAZING, never ever dealt with a better customer service! Can’t wait to find something to order again.
I am editing my review because I owe this company big time! For my sons engagement part they come to my rescue within and hour. Zahra, I don’t know how to thank you for dealing with me and my stress! That day you took a whole lot of load off my shoulders, God Bless you!

Etsy Shopper Maryana

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